The TwitterBot watches your tweets and spots when you spot a number plate.
You need to make sure you have the following:
Next you need to tell the bot your Twitter username (please tell me).

Then all you need to do is send a tweet in one of the following formats:
  @cnps 236
  @cnps 236 21/05/2024
  d cnps 236
  d cnps 236 21/05/2024
Messages sent via the @cnps will be broadcast to all your friends, whilst d cnps will just be sent to the bot.

You can also add text to the end of your @ messages, so that your friends can see what's going on eg:
  @cnps 236 finally found it. Only took 2 weeks!
  @cnps 236 an old route master double decker :)

New feature
Need help remembering where you've seen the next plate? save is here!
Send a direct message to cnps starting save to store possible future number plates, then when you find the one before it'll remind you where you saw it eg:
  d cnps save 237 blue fiesta on the high street
  d cnps save 238 green punto on drive of 28 park lane

Happy twittering and happy spotting.

Have no idea what's going on, read this on Richard Herring's website, then visit my CNPS website to start counting.